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‘I valued the opportunity to focus on my issues and get feedback and ask questions. Interestingly, I responded to the questions on the form again on Monday evening after I got home as something was buzzing around in my head and wasn't quite coming out the way I wanted it to. As a result I completely rewrote my business focus so thank you for that.'


‘The good explanation of how to set up an EBay Shop has given me the confidence to start mine.

I now have a clear idea about planning the money, sales, overheads and projections and I can now set up my accounting.’


‘Very valuable for me at the time of my start up.  I was able to work on my business plan during the session.  Time is precious so to come away from a session with more than just theory is welcomed.’


‘I have been able to make use of social media which was a complete mystery to me before. I have also responded to my own action plans and seen results with regard to pricing, time management, customer relations and improved my stress levels.


I've had my own business for over 20 years now but was just working for someone else all the time as a subcontractor while they got all the glory for my skills. I took the advice and knowledge gained from the workshops and turned things round to focus on my own clients. I've had great results so far.’  


‘Although I had started to set up my new business before the course I did lack the confidence in my idea and how I was going about setting it up and the course has given me the confidence to continue with my business idea. It has given a true picture of the realities of running a business and the legal commitments. Not only has it provided me with vital information in setting up and running a business, it has also given me valuable feedback about my business idea. I have also found it extremely supportive being able to talk to like-minded people and the tutors. I will be continuing with my business idea now in the confidence that I am making informed decisions.’  


'As a woman returning to work I have found it  inspiring to meet women in similar situations, and also build a support network with other participants.  It has also been interesting to meet the trainers from as these contacts may be useful in future.  I have found the training to be of a high standard.   I think the Swift Project can benefit anyone thinking of starting their own business, or growing a small business.’  

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